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 Don’t Quit…

It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing.. 8 weeks for your friends.. & 12 weeks for the rest of the world.. Give it 12 weeks..

     Exercise is king, Nutrition is queen,   put them together &         You’ve Got a Kingdom            

Diet Chart or Workout plan? Let me clear you, neither a diet chart and nor a workout plan can alone transform you. A good lifestyle with a quantified diet and structured training is a systematic way to lose fat or muscle gain.

Starve to Lose Weight, Myth Vs Reality

Fitness is beyond

‘Eat less, Move more’


“Skipping meals or eating too less is a good way to lose weight”. This is one of the most accepted myths in India. But the truth is eating too less to lose weight is not healthy and sustainable way in long term. It can make you hungry and more likely to snack on high fat or sugar rich foods. Starvation also affects the metabolism, BMR and health. It also worsen the body composition by reducing the fat free mass and reduces bone density, which make you more prone to injuries.

So starvation is not the key solution to lose weight. The key is “Eat right, not less”. Eat quantified food with calorie restriction and make it a lifestyle in spite of following a diet for a certain period.
Do Exercise, Make It A Lifestyle!

In fitness, there are no shortcuts. It involves immense discipline and hard work.

Excuses don’t burn calories! To enjoy the glow of good health, You must exercise. Yes! The basic science is clear-: Energy expenditure>Energy consumption = Fat loss. So when you burn calories more than you consume in a day the result becomes you lose additional kilos. If you don’t work out, you are somewhere restricting your energy expenses & slowing down your fat burning process. Also, workout is a better way to preserve muscle and metabolism. So do exercise, make it a lifestyle!














Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:


It was d hardest thing i ever done in my life bt it was the most happiest and beautiful feeling when i got fit into my older clothes. My mentor is SUCHISMITA MOHARANA i am truly saying she is Amazing.because i think without her presence, guidance and help i couldn’t able to do all was a great Experience to work with her.i feel like much more Healthy n light ..My blessed and Thanks


It’s a kind of experience to rediscover myself, an eternal ‘love for self,’ the meaning of ‘health is wealth’ in real term, I feel deep with my journey with my mentor Suchismita… It’s all your support and positivity, I crossed my transformation period with a strong determination. Thanks Dear, you made me think impossible to i m possible….


Being a foodie it’s difficult to lose weight and have a control on food intake. But this diet helped me not to give up on food rather give up on my over size dress. Lucky to have such a nutritionist who helped me to see myself and show to the world the New me.

Veena K.V

It was great opportunity and platform given to me for transformation with clean eating and workout. When a received mail from Suchismita, I was excited and meanwhile nervous to start journey due to breastfeeding little one who was 6 months old. Suchismita was there for me throughout my journey, even when I craved for food. For her push and motivation I reduced from 71.4 to 67.6 kg in one month. I will be thankful for such a platform.


Personalized consultation, which includes customized diet plan, training and supplementation guidance.


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