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Best Weight Loss Techniques for Women That No One is Talking About..!

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Do this you will get abs! Eat that you can have zero-figure! Follow this and you will lose weight instantly! We all know these lines; they appear on the pop-ups and ads while we browse, they sneak in those bulk messages, television ads and what not. But let’s be honest, unlike other instant services fitness is something that can’t be bought or wish-listed to come back later. You cannot just download health and share it over an app. A pill cannot make you slim overnight or a gadget doesn’t burn all your fat while you scroll through Facebook! Dietsuchi who operates among the best dietitian in Bhubaneswar believes that fitness is a journey and getting a healthy body is possible but only through regular exercise and proper dieting.

Exercise is king, Nutrition is queen, put them together & you’ve got a kingdom. β€œSkipping meals or eating too less is a good way to lose weight”. This is one of the most accepted myths in India. But the truth is eating too less to lose weight is not a healthy and sustainable way in the long term. It can make you hungry and more likely to snack on high fat or sugar-rich foods. Starvation also affects the metabolism, BMR and health. It also worsens the body composition by reducing the fat-free mass and reduces bone density, which makes you more prone to injuries. So starvation is not the key solution to lose weight.

The key is β€œEat right, not less”. Eat quantified food with calorie restriction and make it a lifestyle in spite of following a diet for a certain period. In fitness, there are no shortcuts. It involves immense discipline and hard work.

** Sleep is one of the most vital mechanisms for recovery in our body. Getting at least 6-7 hours of quality sleeping time can help in monitoring hormones, boosting metabolism and losing weight.

** Mental health is as much important as physical fitness for maintaining weight. Stress and hypertension can contribute to a higher risk of weight gain over time. Practicing yoga, listening to music, doing a regular exercise can promote mental health and fitness.


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