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Biggest Myths about Fat Loss You Would Regret Not Knowing Earlier

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The Internet is full of weight loss advice. Every one of three articles on web processes of discovering some kind of unparalleled solution for weight loss which often seems a little too good for real. Self-proclaimed fitness experts preach about fat loss techniques that lack any kind of scientific evidence. As one of the best nutritionists in Odisha, On DietSuchi I help you to achieve your fitness goals in the most effective and reliable ways. Today we’ll be looking at some of the biggest myths around weight loss that you would wish you knew before.

  1. Less Food, More Exercise

 One of the biggest misconceptions around fat loss is that food is inversely proportional to exercise. It is true that to achieve the weight loss you’ve to consume fewer calories but restricting calories to excess can barely help, damaging organs and muscles. Limiting yourself entirely to eating can weaken your metabolism and affect your immunity against diseases. Hence, starvation is not the key solution to lose weight. The key is “Eat Right, not Less”. Eating quantified food with calorie restriction can be made a lifestyle in spite of following a diet for a certain period.

  1. Supplements can help in quick fat loss

 Before we go further, here’s a fact – The supplement industry worth 124.8 million dollars in 2018. With that being said, you can estimate how huge the weight loss supplement market is. Various companies claim of products having dramatic effects on weight loss while they are hardly any effect. On the bad side, studies have shown that these supplements can have adverse side effects on the body in the long run.  While most of the supplements for weight loss are ineffective, the best ones can help you lose a bit of weight, at most. Hence, good food and regular exercise still remain the best method to lose fat.

  1. Cardio is the best exercise for weight loss

There is a common notion around people that doing cardio is enough for sustainable weight loss. Cardio can help you in burning calories per session but weight training can burn calories throughout the day. High-Intensity Interval Training can provide similar benefits to cardio but in less time. Moreover, it also boosts your metabolism and increases your stamina.

The bottom line is, instead of falling prey to these myths try consulting recognized fitness experts to know more about your diet and lifestyle. Good guidance with proper nutrition can get you noticeable results in just a few days!



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