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Easy Guide to Healthy Eating – Best Dietitian in Bhubaneswar

best dieticians in Bhubaneswar

Did you know? That an average human being spends about 4,3800 hours of time eating, in his/her entire life span! Isn’t it fascinating? We spent about 5 years of our lives just eating without realizing it. Whatever we eat builds our body, makes us grow and keeps our vital organs functioning. Therefore, we should care more about our food than usually do. According to a recent study by DietSuchi – one of the best dietitians in Bhubaneswar, for fitness over 85% of people choose gyms and sports over diet, ignoring the most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle – food.

Normally people take dieting and healthy eating for the same, but they are not to be exact. In simple words, dieting is healthy eating while healthy eating not really dieting. Healthy eating one of the very first steps towards maintaining a proper diet and trust me it’s not hard. Healthy eating is not about giving up all food or skipping meals,it’s more about mindful eating and avoiding junk. The food we consume every day is loaded with fats, sugars and many unhealthy ingredients that affect our bodies in the long run. The extra sugar in your healthy juice, that over-fried chicken breast or even the processed honey you get from your favorite store may be adding up to sugar and cholesterol levels without you noticing it. The food choices you make may seem healthy to you but the truth can be misleading. Everything that is marketed to be healthy on television and the internet often contains a lot of harmful preservatives, processed colors and added chemicals. One aspect of healthy eating is also about picking the right products over the wrong ones.

Healthy eating habits make you pick nutrition over pleasure eating and checks over-eating. Counting Marcos and calories in every diet, reading the product information before buying any eatable, switching to more organic ingredients can bring a large difference. Truly healthful eating has numerous benefits but mostly it nourishes your body, mind and spirit.

According to one of the best dietitians in Bhubaneswar,  Dietsuchi says – “The key to a good diet is eating right but not eating less”. If you want to know more about how healthy eating can benefit your daily routine log on to & enroll:



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