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Diet plan for weight loss-DietSuchi

Are you concerned about the chances of weight gain during the period of lockdown? Right now, everyone is playing a vital role in the fight against Coronavirus – so well done to all of us in self-isolation! Many people are concerned about gaining weight while behind closed doors and always thinking about food and mealtimes.

Given below are a few tips for diet plan for weight loss by Dietsuchi during the lockdown period

Eat healthy, eat wisely, and eat timely!

There is a hidden advantage in this lockdown, which is often ignored. With no options for eating out, we are bound to eat home food – which is healthier, low calorie and low trans-fat. Carbohydrates foods intake should be curtailed such as bread, chapattis, rice, potato, etc. When nutritious food is ingested at regular intervals, body metabolism works best. Avoid eating dinner very late and try to sleep early.

We are under social lockdown, not exercise lockdown!

Exercise is necessary during this period both for your mental and physical health. And the benefits are well known. Through exercise, you can boost your immunity to fight against Coronavirus and it has also an anti-anxiety effect.

You can do static running, skipping, etc., or crunches Pilates, or yoga at your home. Generally, 45 minutes to a 1-hour of daily exercise is sufficient.

It’s all in the mind!

It’s not necessary to eat more, become inactive and gain weight by staying at home while the country needs us to stay indoors at this time. In fact, this is a good time to evolve as individuals and make a healthy lifestyle.

Monitor yourself!

Once a week will be enough for measuring your weight after following these tips by Dietsuchi. It is possible to maintain our weight with a few lifestyle changes during this period of lockdown.

Dietsuchi gives you a diet plan for weight loss to help you achieve them and support along the way.



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