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Transform from weakness to fitness with Top Nutritionist in Odisha

best nutritionists in bhubaneswar, odisha

Are you really suffering from overweight, obesity and other health issues? Are you increasing weight and decreasing mental stability day by day? The reason for the fitness-related troubles includes unhealthy eating, modern lifestyle, lack of time dedicated to fitness, increased inclination for ‘ready-to-eat’ food. These fitness related issues not only trouble a person on the physical level but also causes mental agony. A long list of medical bills will affect the monthly expenditure but not the weight. If you consider the gym as the right solution it is accomplished with a problem of the trainer not providing individual attention. For all your serious problems  Dietsuchi is a one-stop solution. Suchismita Moharana, an Expert Level Certified Nutrition and Fitness Consultant will give a new dimension to your life. She is one among the leading and top Nutritionist in Odisha with specialization in post-pregnancy weight loss, general well-being and overall fat loss, muscle gain, PCOS & Thyroid reversal, Strength and conditioning. Her simple and effective plans will change your lifestyle which in turn changes your physical appearance.

Why choose Dietsuchi?

In the digital era where information overload has happened; it is difficult to comment on the authenticity of the information. So, it’s better to see whether the nutritionist you are following is certified or not. Suchismita Moharana holds certification from the Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS) whose courses and certificates hold International Accreditation. Her expertise in nutrition and fitness has helped many people achieve a fine level of fitness which seemed impossible at the early stages. She focusses both on exercises as well as healthy eating and prepares diet charts for individuals accordingly.


Dietsuchi is the best solution for all your fitness troubles. We simply care for your body which in turn cares for your health and outer looks. Our diet plans will not only make you look attractive but also focus on your food style which will balance the mental health. Our right plans, meaning full and friendly communication has made us the top Nutritionist in Odisha.


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