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Understanding Food and the Psychology of Eating- Part 1

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“To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art.”- La Rochefoucauld
The food we eat is an indispensable part of our lives. It affects how we feel, think and look. Our bodies are designed to extract energy out of the things we eat which is essential to carry out vital body functions that keep us alive. Good food makes us feel better and help us to live longer. But what exactly is good food? How do we know everything that tastes better also nourishes our body or it just pacifies our taste buds? Experts believe our food doesn’t merely just help us to stay alive but also influence our lives in many ways. As a practicing nutritionist in Bhubaneswar, I will dive deep into the influence of different food and the psychology of eating that affects our food behavior.

nutritionists in Bhubaneswar

Eating is an essential process but putting everything edible in the mouth without thinking for a second may not be the smartest thing to do. Talking of eating, as humans, we have evolved a lot over the centuries to reach the top of the food chain where eating is not only for survival. Food to us has become a celebration, culture, field of study, sometimes even nostalgia. We have discovered innumerable cuisines, eating habits, broke down every macro and micro(s) of our meals and have experimented in and around them. By learning more about the food we have discovered many factors that can influence our feelings about food and our eating behavior.

To perceive the influence and its effects we have to first understand that there are positive and negative consequences of our eating. Depending upon our lifestyle and tastes we may get subjected to health disorders whereas by learning how to make better choices in terms of food we can avoid them easily. On DietSuchi we often discuss the importance of healthy eating and how simple it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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